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redmine plugins

This is an overview of some of the more recent Redmine plugins I’ve written.

All plugins are licensed under the GPL (v2 or later) just like Redmine itself, so you’re free to use, share and modify them.

I do offer commercial support for my plugins, and might also be available for building a custom solution solving your Redmine problem for you. I can also provide guidance when it comes to finding and evaluating existing Redmine plugins.

Over time, I’ve also contributed quite a few patches and features to Redmine.

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With that out of the way, here’s the plugins:

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Stopwatch makes tracking time with Redmine much easier.


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This plugin enhances your Redmine (3.1 or later) with real full text search capabilities across Issues, Wiki pages and any other content that’s searchable in Redmine.

With the help of PostgreSQL’s full text search capabilities this plugin delivers two major improvements over stock Redmine:

This plugin is so awesome, it even got it’s own domain. Get it at!


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Redmine Pushover

Pushover is a platform independent push notification service.

This plugin integrates Redmine with Pushover, using it to send push notifications to Redmine users. Users may opt to receive push notifications instead of or in addition to Redmine’s standard notification emails, or no push notifications at all.

Runs on Redmine 2.6 and later.

For detailed setup instructions, see the Redmine Pushover Plugin home page.

Or grab the code from GitHub.

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Redmine Airbrake

Airbrake is a bug or exception tracking platform. They provide open source client libraries for many platforms, and using this plugin you can use the same client libraries to collect exception data directly in Redmine, no Airbrake account required.

Redmine 2.6 onwards.

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Redmine issue done ratio plugin

This tiny plugin addresses a simple usability issue. I find myself often setting an issue to Resolved or Closed, and at the same time, setting the % Done ratio to 100%. It’s quite obvious that a resolved or closed issue is 100% done, so why Redmine cannot do that last step for me? Now it can.

This plugin allows you to select a number of issue statuses for which you always want to have % Done at 100%. For bonus points, the % Done field is kept editable, so you can still override that manually and close your issue with 90% done if you want.

I wrote a tutorial showing the creation of this Redmine plugin. Redmine 2.6 or later required.