Jens Krämer

Saxon government's press releases now powered by JRuby on Rails

 |  jruby, webit, rails

Medienservice Sachsen Last week, the Medienservice, the platform via which the saxon government publishes its press releases to journalists and to the public, has been relaunched. It now runs on a cluster of JBoss servers that are part of the official saxon e-government platform. While the public web frontend might look like just another Blog-like application to you, I assure you that the stuff that happens in the background is anything but simple - there’s a lot of stuff going on like deferred publishing, publishing press releases only to subscribed journalists, and sending out press releases in four different formats including PDF and XML, to only name a few.

As far as I know this is the first public german JRuby on Rails application - one more reason for me to be proud of being part of the team at webit! that built this baby.


Charles Oliver Nutter

Very cool! If you haven't already, you should add a link to the JRuby "success stories" page on, and if you feel like it write a short article on the wiki about the site, how you build it, any pain points you ran into along the way, and so on. I'd love to see the wiki be both a clearinghouse for information on JRuby users and a little publicity for folks taking the plunge.

And the site looks great :)