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The Nag - make the world a better place step by step

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Because today is blog action day, I’ll tell you a bit about an interesting project I’ve been helping to create during the last few months.

I think most people actually want to do something about certain issues like climate change or poverty in the world, but they tend to forget about it being busy with other stuff, or they simply don’t know where to start. I for sure am one of this kind…

Join The Nag

To help these people, created The Nag It’s a platform where you can register to get nagged once a month with a small, accomplishable task to help solve a certain issue. The web site supplies background information and links to sources of further information on many different issues, and users are guided step by step through each task on the web site.

Tasks range from asking the makers of your clothes whether they’re paying their workers fair wages to switching your home’s energy supply to green energy.

The fun part is that the application collects all that data and aggregates it on a map so everybody can see the impact all members have made, and which regions in the UK are the most active. So if you live in the UK and want to do something good, but you need a little reminder every now and then, why not give it a try?

Not living in the UK of course is no excuse for doing nothing - since I live in Germany, my recent switch to Greenpeace Energy unfortunately doesn’t affect The Nag’s total impact, but it’s a good feeling anyway :-)

And they have this neat thingy showing where your energy right now is coming from…