Jens Krämer

acts_as_ferret 0.3.1

 |  ferret, ruby, rails

With several minor fixes and some small extensions like the various ways to conditionally disable automatic index updates I would not call this a big release.

However it’s the first release that is available as a RubyGem for system-wide installation, too. After installing the gem all you need to do is add the line

require 'acts_as_ferret'

to your environment.rb.

The API docs for the latest release now can be found at RubyForge, too. I’m still unsure if I should switch over the subversion repo to RubyForge, too. With the move to RubyForge I’d lose the cool Trac/subversion integration features, but on the other hand, trac has a real spam problem, anyway. Maybe I’ll have a look for an alternative Wiki/Bug reporting platform that is more spam proof to entirely replace Trac. Ideas anybody?


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