Jens Krämer

Nice, isn't it ?

 |  typo, ferret, ruby, rails

Tired of the stock Typo layout and colors I was looking for a fresh new look for this site. I found it on Thanks go to Luka Cvrk, the initial creator of this design. I plan to further extend it with an alternative color scheme and a liquid variant.

Besides making a custom Typo theme from Luka’s design I upgraded to Typo svn trunk, and upgraded to the latest version of acts_as_ferret.

Acts_as_ferret now can do “More like this” queries, that is, for a given document from the index it can build a query returning similar documents from the same index. I use this on the Article pages (click any article headline on the front page to go there) to display a list of articles with similar contents in the red footer box. Works very well if there are enough documents with similar content, if not, the results are somewhat random. Maybe a lower limit on the score of search results could help here…

I’ll post a howto about integrating the latest acts_as_ferret into the latest Typo, soon. Promised ;-)