Jens Krämer

RDig 0.3.0

 |  search, rdig, ferret, ruby

In addition to crawling web sites, RDig now can index local documents. Just give it one or more file:/ URLs pointing to the directories to index, optionally define some filename inclusion/exclusion patterns and there you go.

Document locations can be rewritten to ease linking to them in a web based search frontend. To rewrite all file:/base/* URIs to, you say

cfg.index.rewrite_uri = lambda do |uri| uri.path.gsub!(/^\/base\//, '/virtual_dir/') uri.scheme = 'http' = '' end

in your RDig config file.

Also there’s a new feature for PDF content extraction: titles are now extracted from PDF meta data with the help of the pdfinfo utility.

Have fun!