Jens Krämer

First Rails App done by webit!

 |  webit, ruby, rails

To celebrate the relaunch of, you can win a Smart and other attractive prizes there.

It’s really only a small app, but after nearly a year of massive in-house Rails lobbying I’m very happy I’m now able to say I do Rails at work :-)

More (and bigger) projects are in the pipeline already. So if you’re looking for a Germany based Rails shop, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Btw, the main site,, was done by webit!, too.

Unfortunately someone chose a real Enterprise technology for this one. Now guess where that blog’s subtitle comes from ;-)

At least there’s Mono that saved us from having to use windoze on our development boxes - really impressing how fine Mono works for developing web apps that later run on that other OS.

Besides that, it’s a really cool web site now.


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