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The perfect Rails IDE

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It seems many people are still looking for the right IDE to use when doing Rails development. Or, more correctly, most of those who don’t own a Mac do.

For those of you who, like me, don’t feel like buying a Mac just because of a neat editor here’s my suggestion:

Buffer menu and Nautilus are completely optional, but they help feeling comfortable with Vim when you’re new to it and/or are a frequent mouse user.

The colors shown in the screenshot are heavily inspired by the beautiful Textmate Vibrant Ink Theme made by Justin Palmer.

Good starting points for customizing your (G)Vim are:



I like this setup, I am using something similar. I have been using Cream for ViM and Nautilus and a terminal window (I like XFCE term myself because of the tabs)

Thanks for the tips about the buffers and the link for the Ruby colors.

What WM are you using in that shot?


I'm using FVWM-Crystal. It's a good-looking and heavily customizable environment based on FVWM.

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