Jens Krämer

T42+Ubuntu again

 |  t42, ubuntu, linux

I updated the Ubuntu on T42 Howto once again.

Now there is a script to write the name of the user owning the X server out to /tmp, The osd script then uses this information for doing su - to this user account, in order to be allowed to write to his X display. So no hardcoded username anymore :-)

Further I added the suggestion to put the command to forcible enable all possible Fn-key combinations into /etc/ Unfortunately the preferred way of creating a custom script in /etc/resume.d did not work, maybe due to kernel module reloads occuring after sourcing the resume.dscripts ?

Thanks to all who make suggestions on how to improve the howto further! Knowing somebody actually makes use of this is quite motivating ;-)

Update: Though my worked for me, the way to enable all hotkeys suggested by Edward in his comment is much better, as this is the place where the comand gets executed right after loading the module. Thanks for pointing this out.


Edward Mendelson

Once again, this update is wonderfully elegant. Thank you! I've added it to my page (with full acknowledgement). One small detail: adding the "echo" line to turns out not to work after all. The place where it does work every time is in ibm_acpi.modprobe. Again, many thanks for this.

Edward Mendelson

Sorry - wrong URL; got it right this time, I think.