Jens Krämer

Eclipse-based Rails IDE

 |  java, ruby, rails

From the RubyOnRails weblog:

RadRails is a project to build a cross-platform IDE for Ruby on Rails using the Eclipse platform. It’s still very early days, but they have an alpha out you can play with.

Hm. I for my part really enjoy not using the tools I used for Java development when doing Rails projects. Especially if it saves me some hundred MB of RAM ;-)

But - as long as it attracts more users to Ruby and Rails - fine with me :-)



One of the goals of the project, and the reason we're using Eclipse RCP, is to reduce the memory footprint while still offering plenty of functionality. It's still certainly larger than vim or your favorite text editor, but right now it's using less than 50mb of RAM at runtime.


Wow, that sounds quite impressive. Didn't know Eclipse could be that slim.

But it's still more than two XEmacs instances ;-)