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A fresh Breez{y|e}

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Following the upgrade of my T42 to the latest and greatest Ubuntu Release, I updated the Ubuntu-on-T42-Howto.

No news regarding the new Ubuntu version, though - everything still works like a charm.

But there was a (not Breezy-specific) issue with OSD display, forcing you to restart acpid once logged into X to make OSD messages work. I tend to reboot only for kernel upgrades, so I didn’t take notice of this problem. Thanks to Edward Mendelson for pointing this out.

For more information, read the updated howto.


Edward Mendelson

Many thanks for the update, and for the very elegant solution of the OSD problem. I've incorporated your method (with very minor changes) in my own TP42 how-to page:

This includes a suggestion to put the echo command in crontab in order to perform it at each reboot. There's probably a more elegant method, but I don't know what it is!

Thanks again for this terrific page.


Placing that echo command into some init script, i.e. into the start() function of /etc/init.d/acpid would be a more standard way of ensuring this is run at reboot.

Edward Mendelson

Thank you again - I added the echo command as the last line in the start() function of acpid, as you suggested, and it works perfectly.

One quick note on Breezy: No need to add ACPI_HIBERNATE=true to acpi-support; it's there by default in a TP42 installation.

Edward Mendelson

Minor problem: after hibernation/wake, I seem to need to echo 0xfff > etc. in order to get your Fn+f6 script to work. I wonder if some other changes I made in my system affect this. Do you have this problem on your system also? If so, what might be the way to automate this?

Edward Mendelson

Fixed, I think: add the echo command to the last line of

Edward Mendelson

Actually, it makes more sense to add the echo line to the restart stanza in acpid itself - sorry to clutter this page with comments that get things wrong at first...